Listen with Alexa

Introduction to Alexa's new skill

The following information is also available in audio form – click here.

Up until now you will have been listening to Sheffield Talking News through one or more of what Alexa calls ‘skills’. Unfortunately the skill or skills we used to provide were discontinued at the end of March 2022, but rest assured they have been replaced by a new skill which you can start using now. If you never used our old skill, then installing the new skill should be very straightforward - but if you did, you may need to go through a few more steps. Either way, the following instructions will lead you through the process.

The new skill is called ‘Talking Newspapers’ and it’s not to be confused with the ‘My Talking Newspaper’ skill which is the old one you may have used previously.

To use the new ‘Talking Newspapers’ you first need to enable it. To do that try the following steps.

Enabling the new skill

1. Say, “Alexa, enable Talking Newspapers”. If it works you will hear a series of prompts from Alexa which, when followed, will confirm ‘Talking Newspapers’ has been enabled. If so, click here for instructions on using the Alexa skill.

2. That may not work, Alexa may say it cannot find that skill. If that’s the case try saying, “Alexa, disable My Talking Newspaper” (Note MY Talking Newspaper). Alexa may confirm that ‘My Talking Newspaper’ has been disabled. If that happens go back to step one and try once more to use the voice command to enable ‘Talking Newspapers’. If it works this time then click here for instructions on using the Alexa skill. If not, resort to step 3

3. Here you will need to go to the Alexa app on your smart phone or tablet – or ask a friend, relative or helper to do it for you. You will need the Alexa app to disable ‘My Talking Newspaper’ and to install and enable ‘Talking Newspapers’. If you are fully comfortable with setting up Alexa the steps are as follows. If this doesn’t mean much to you click here to access a more extensive step-by-step set of instructions.

To disable ‘My Talking Newspaper’ (assuming it has been enabled):

Select More > Skills and Games > Enabled Skills. Select ‘My Talking Newspaper’ and disable it.

To install ‘Talking Newspapers’:

Select More > Skills and Games > Search > ‘Talking Newspapers’. Select ‘Talking Newspapers’ and launch it.

Click here for instructions on using the Alexa skill.