Listen with Google

Using Google Assistant

It seems that Google has withdrawn the technology which allowed the direct accessing of Talking News via Google assistant or Google devices. The information below is out of date and will be replaced when Google restores its service.

Recordings are still available via Google Podcasts.

Unlike Amazon’s Alexa, once the Google device is set up and connected to WiFi there is no need to enable the Talking Newspaper function, it is ready to go.  All you have to do is say, “OK Google, talk to Talking Newspaper” (An alternative to using ‘OK Google’ is to say ‘Hey Google’.)

You will get a standard message from the device which offers two routes by which to find the item of your choice. You can either ask for the name of the item directly or the town or city you would like to hear from. The last option is easier if you can’t remember the exact name of the item.

So let’s look at asking for the town or city first.

In response to the opening message you say, “Sheffield” – that is assuming you want to listen to Sheffield Talking News. Google then gives a list of options in the following order and then asks which one you want to listen to:

• Sheffield Talk About magazine previous edition

• Sheffield Talking Newspaper previous edition

• Sheffield Out and About

• Sheffield Talking Newspaper

• Sheffield Talk About magazine

If for instance, if you want to hear the latest edition of the news you simply say, “Sheffield Talking Newspaper”. If you want to hear the previous edition of the magazine you say, “Sheffield Talk About magazine previous edition”. Google checks that it has heard you correctly, and if it has you confirm by saying “Yes” – then you sit back while Google plays your choice.

An alternative approach is to ask directly for the name of the item.

So after the opening message you say the name of the item you want to hear. For instance, you can say, “Sheffield Talking Newspaper”, or “Sheffield Talk About magazine”, and so on, and Google will take you straight to the item.

If you leave an item part way through and return within twenty four hours, Google will ask if you want to continue listening from where you left off.

Navigating within ‘Talking Newspapers’

Once you are into an edition of the news, the magazine or ‘Out and About’, you can skip to the next track by saying “OK Google, next track”. Alternatively you can skip back a track by saying, “OK Google, previous track.”

“OK Google, pause” will pause an item and “OK Google, play” will start it playing again.

Saying “OK Google, stop” will stop the item from playing. If you say, “OK Google, stop” again, Google will generally close down the ‘Talking Newspapers’ skill with a cheery ‘see you soon’ message.

The skill will be developed and improved over time and we will endeavour to keep you updated when changes occur.

This guide is correct as of July 2022.