Do you want to Listen?

Would you, or someone you know, benefit from STN's free weekly news recordings?

We provide a weekly dose of recent local news, as well as our 'Talk About Magazine' every quarter, and our occasional 'Out And About In Sheffield' segments. We make it it our mission to move with the times, always on the lookout for better and faster ways to bring the news to your door, whether through the letterbox, your phone, straight to your computer, or even - thanks to the wizardry of technology - via Amazon's Alexa.

Listen online (or download)

For quick access you can listen to our latest News, Magazine and Out and About recordings using the simple players on this page. For a wider range of options, visit our Player page at There is no need to register for this online service. You can also download the recordings or subscribe to our podcasts.

A growing number of listeners are accessing STN’s output using Amazon’s Alexa. This is available on Amazon smart speakers and as an app on smartphones, tablets, PCs, some smart TVs and the Amazon Fire TV Stick. This is particularly advantageous for people with visual impairment because the system is controlled entirely by voice commands using everyday speech. To access the news we have the ‘Sheffield Talking News’ skill; for our magazine we have the ‘Talk About Magazine’ skill; and for Out & About we have the ‘Out and About in Sheffield’ skill. To load these skills simply ask Alexa in turn to, ‘Enable the Sheffield Talking News skill’, ‘Enable the Talk About Magazine skill’, and ‘Enable the Out and About in Sheffield skill’. Once a skill is enabled simply saying – for example – ‘Alexa, open Sheffield Talking News’ will take you straight to the latest edition of the news. You can hear some of our listeners talking about the advantages of using Alexa.

We are currently looking for listeners to try out Amazon Echo Dot devices on a free trial basis. Click here for details.

A final online method is to use the "Talking Newspaper App" which can be found free on Google Play Store or Apple's App Store.

Listen through our postal service

If you're not able to listen online, then you can subscribe to receive the recordings on a USB memory stick through our postal service. With the memory sticks, the recordings can be accessed on your computer, on some TVs, or you can buy a small, specially designed, easy to use 'boom box' from Sheffield Royal Society for the Blind.

Each week, a USB stick of recordings will arrive by post in a special wallet. The wallet can be used free of charge to return the USB stick after use.

Free subscription to this service is by calling 0114 278 0440 or emailing If you would like a trial first, request a sample memory stick. There are also other ways to get in touch.

Listen by phone

You can also access the news over the telephone by dialling 0114 383 0345. Please note that normal local call charges apply for the phone service - but some phone providers include free calls at weekends and/or evenings, or free minutes at various times. Check your contract. This number also give access to Infosound's Audio Library, RNIB's Infoline and the local weather.

Listen via the British Wireless for the Blind Fund (BWBF)

The BWBF offer their Sonata Plus+ device, and their Bumblebee App, either of which can be used to play our news. (These links open in a new window).