Enable New Alexa Skill - the Details

Enabling the new Alexa skill - In Detail

This detailed version of the instructions is for Android phones.

a. Open the Alexa app on your smartphone or tablet.

b. Select the ‘More’ option at the bottom right of the screen (The icon is three horizontal lines.) This brings up a new screen.

c. Select ‘Skills and Games’. This brings up a new screen.

d. At the top right of the screen select ‘Your Skills’. This will bring up a new screen which by scrolling down will show all the skills you have enabled on your Alexa.

e. Scroll down to see if you have ‘My Talking Newspaper’ enabled. If you don’t have it listed go to step ‘f’. But if you do have ‘My Talking Newspaper’ in the list, tap on it, and on the next screen press ‘SETTINGS’. That gives a new screen on which you press ‘DISABLE SKILL’. On the following screen press ‘DISABLE’.

f. Move backwards to the ‘SKILLS & GAMES’ screen and make sure ‘Discover’ at the top left of the screen is selected by touching it. (If selected ‘Discover’ will be underlined.) Tap the magnifying glass icon in the top right of screen and, in the search area which appears, write ‘Talking Newspapers’. You should then see the text ‘talking newspapers’ appear below it. Tap on this text.

g. You will be given a page with a long list of skills with similar names, but at the top should be the ‘Talking Newspapers’ skill with the familiar BWBF logo (A yellow and black badge with the words ‘NEWS’.) Tap on it.

h. That will take you to the ‘Talking Newspapers’ page and you press ‘LAUNCH’. That gives a black screen with the word ‘DONE’ at the bottom right. Press ‘DONE’ and you're ready to go. Click here for instructions on using the Alexa skill.