Attached below are various versions of our logo using blue, black and white 'ink' on combinations of black, blue, white and transparent backgrounds. (Please note that not all software will cope with transparent backgrounds, so you should normally use a solid background). 

The version for normal use is Blue on White. However other versions may be used for monochrome printing or where they overlay (or are adjacent to) pictures or patterns which make an alternative version more legible or more aesthetically pleasing.  In each case there are 4 sizes:

Of course you can resize these to some extent depending on the software you're using. They will lose quality if you enlarge them so it is better to choose one bigger than you need and shrink it.

You can download the specific logos you need using the download arrows. As an alternative I have embedded a subset of the logos in a word document, from where you can copy and paste them. The Word document is the first in the list.

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