Sheffield Talking News (STN) is a non-profit making registered charity number 1001700. The charity has been in operation since 1988 providing a local audio news service for the visually impaired and for those who find reading a newspaper difficult due to disability.

Volunteers run the service. There are no employed or paid staff.

The charity is supported by, but is independent of, Sheffield Royal Society for the Blind (SRSB). STN is an affiliate of the Talking News Federation.

The Trustees have the ultimate responsibility for the activities and services of STN.


STN takes the privacy and personal details of its listeners, volunteers and other contacts very seriously. Sheffield Talking News is committed to protecting your personal privacy.

We process and store personal information relating to our listeners, volunteers and other contacts. We therefore have to by law adhere to the Data Protection Act 1998. We operate in accord with the data protection principles of good information handling.

We only:

  • process information to establish or maintain use of our audio service

  • process information necessary to provide or administer activity in relation to the service

  • share information with people necessary to carry out STN’s activities and additional services i.e. One Off Recordings

  • Keep on file information for as long the individual receives our service or remains a volunteer or agrees for details to be kept for the purpose of advice and specialist knowledge.

The following Privacy and Data Protection Policy explains how we collect and use the personal information provided to us whether as a listener or volunteer. This may be by: signed consent forms, face to face, via phone, mobile, email, letter, online via the website, through a third party or by any other method.


Sheffield Talking News (STN) is the controller for the purposes of General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR). This means that STN makes decisions, is responsible for and has control of the processing of all personal data to enable the charity to operate successfully and administer the activities and services of STN fairly and lawfully.

We need to inform listeners, volunteers and other contacts:

  • What the lawful basis is for using personal data

  • What personal data is held

  • How the personal data is used and who has access to it

  • How long data is kept and when it is destroyed

  • What is the source of the data

  • That each person is entitled to see the personal data held on them

STN is legally obliged to maintain a valid lawful basis in order to process all personal data.


1.1 “Legitimate Interest”

For Listeners

STN's charitable service is to provide local audio news and other recordings such as a quarterly magazine “Talkabout”, ad hoc independently recorded material “Out and About in Sheffield” on USB memory sticks for registered users. This is a weekly service for the visually impaired or anyone unable to read a newspaper through disability. In order to execute this service volunteers are teamed as Dispatchers, Administrators, Technicians, Editors and Readers.

Broadcast content can also be heard through the website and other means e.g. Telephone Service 0114 3830345, and British Wireless for the Blind. As technology improves and changes so will listeners access to STN output.

STN operates under "Legitimate Interests". This allows us to use a person's data in a way that they would reasonably expect STN to in relation to the service received, and which does not override their interests in any way.

1.2 “Consent”

For Volunteers

Sheffield Talking News operates under the lawful basis of "CONSENT" for volunteers

Consent must be given freely, specific, informed and unambiguous. There must be a positive opt in. For volunteers, consent cannot be inferred from silence, pre-ticked boxes or inactivity. Signed registration forms are required by STN.

Consent may be withdrawn at any time by individuals by notifying STN in writing, by email or telephone.


2.1 Listeners Data – What is collected?

STN maintains a manual file and database of listeners names and contact details. The information kept includes, name, address, telephone number, mobile number (where appropriate), date joined and STN identification number.

A relative’s name, email address and telephone number is held where this has been specifically requested by a listener or family member and in event of a holiday, an illness, or a care situation. We do not retain any comprehensive or sensitive information.

2.2. How Listeners data is collected?

Listeners come from all over the Sheffield locality. New listeners may contact STN independently or they may be introduced via the local NHS establishments. SRSB’s Community Officers (COs) may refer to our audio service on the visit to their clients. Registration forms are completed in this instance by the COs.

Recommendations come from all parts of the community. Registration forms may be received by post, completed by family members or others and delivered. Information is verified. Telephone queries received are followed up. Information referencing new clients may also be emailed from external parties e.g. Voluntary Action Sheffield (VAS) or come directly to STN email or the STN website.

2.3 How Listeners data is used?

Listeners information is used primarily to post out the weekly USB memory stick of local audio news. This is sent free post in a yellow wallet per courtesy of the Royal Mail.

The yellow wallets and USB memory sticks are booked in and out online in order to keep track of them. This information is used for monthly statistics to aid budgeting and following up on non-returns

We do maintain a record of the free boom boxes given out but this is no longer our practice and will not affect new listeners. We also keep the dates listeners joined, hospital and holiday dates where they have requested postponement of stick.

We maintain a record of donations received in house.

We maintain records then to:

  • provide monthly statistical analysis feedback

  • remind and ensure return of memory sticks

  • return telephone queries

  • process donations received from listeners

  • help aid listener retention

  • invite listeners to participate in surveys, research or events such as the AGM.

2.4 How long is Listeners information held?

Listeners details are held online until we are informed by the listener or a family member or another that the service is terminated. Information will then be removed within one month or immediately if so requested.

2.5 Volunteers Data - What is collected?

STN maintains a database and manual files of volunteer’s details. This includes, name, address, telephone number, mobile number, email address, an emergency contact number, STN identification number and the role they are volunteering for e.g. Reader, Editor, Technician, Dispatch, Administrator, Committee Member plus the date they joined the charity. No other information is kept.

These details are held on line until such time the volunteer resigns or requests that details be removed. Details may be held for a longer period by agreement for the purpose of advice and specialist knowledge.

2.6 How Volunteers data is collected?

Volunteers consent to complete and sign registration forms. Forms may be received by post or brought to the STN Office. Telephone queries are followed up, and information only kept if there is interest in the charity.

Information may be passed to STN by email, by an individual, through a third party such as Voluntary Action Sheffield (VAS), via SRSB and other external organisations.

Information may be requested through the STN website email address. Details of new volunteers may come from through outside events such as recruitment fairs and general requests. These are followed up and data retained only if the person joins STN.

2.7 How Volunteers information is used

Volunteer details are used to keep everyone up to date and included with the running of STN business fairly and lawfully. There are no employed or paid staff.

Volunteers operate within teams as indicated previously. Phone numbers are freely circulated within those teams and STN, along with email addresses.

We send or contact by email, text message (used by rota manager), phone and occasionally by post all volunteers regarding their registration, the STN Constitution, committee minutes, AGM details, production of rotas, news bulletins, general notices, events, emergency notices, and contacts.

We hold emergency contact numbers and emails for each team in the locked Studio in a manual listing in a red file.

We may also use details to process any donations received from individuals.

2.8 How long is information held?

Volunteer details are held manually and online until we are informed that they no longer wish to volunteer. Having resigned the information is removed both manually and online within one month or immediately if so requested. Details may however, be maintained by agreement, for the purpose of advice and specialist knowledge.

Registration / Consent forms are kept in a manual file for the period of volunteering and for one month after unless by agreement details are kept for specialist knowledge reasons.

2.9 Prospective volunteers

Details of prospective volunteers who have applied to join but have not pursued their application or may be waiting for a specific opportunity may have details kept for a period up to six months.

2.10 Other contacts

Details are kept in the normal course of business and service dealings. For example: - Financial contact and accountancy, press and marketing contacts, web hosts and software, telephone contract services. We keep them informed about our technology and any changes within the organisation that may occur.

We provide “One-Off -Recordings” for external organisations such as Sheffield City Council, Sheffield Theatres. We keep in touch with information about the services available and activities of STN.

Contacts are at liberty to withdraw their consent at any time via email, post or telephone.


The database of listeners and volunteers is stored on a dedicated laptop; encrypted, password protected, and kept under lock and key in the Studio, which is also locked. The password is changed regularly.

The database is backed-up on the administration computer in a dedicated Drop Box account.

Two manual files are maintained, one by the STN Chair and one by the Dispatch team leader. These details are kept under lock and key, one set on premises, one set off premises. Lists are updated regularly.

Manual rotas are maintained for the studio by the editor in chief, technical co-ordinator and the rota manager.

Statistical data is gathered once a month for the Committee meeting: e.g. How many new listeners, volunteers, how many have left, how many joined, how many memory sticks sent out or returned.


Weekly maintenance of the database is completed by the Recruitment Manager or Dispatch Manager. The Secretary has occasional access.

The Dispatch team leader has access to a manual copy of the database for the purpose of the weekly distribution of USB Memory Sticks.

The Chair of STN has access to all data

Booking in and booking out of memory sticks online is completed weekly by a nominated person of the dispatch team under managerial support.

The rota manager, editor in chief, technical co-ordinator, and One Off Recording co-ordinator have permissions to access volunteer data for the purpose of rotas and delivering an external service.

All rotas, together with emergency telephone numbers and emails are kept in a RED file in the studio.

Any personal data that comes into a Volunteer’s possession as part of their volunteering role with STN, must be securely kept and in line with STN policy.

Access to the STN data is to support only the delivery of the service and no other purpose.


For any area of our website which may collect personal data in the future i.e. volunteer forms, listener surveys, queries, etc. They are currently signposted through email direct to STN. No data is held on the website at this time. Material on the website is controlled by STN and no-one else can upload data.

STN website contains links to other websites belonging to third parties. We do not have control of privacy practices of these other sites and therefore cannot 100 per cent guarantee the security of the information sent to us.

STN will ensure wherever possible that it has the appropriate technical and organisational measures in place to protect all data and prevent unauthorised access.


No personal data for listeners or volunteers is ever passed, sold or disclosed to a third party or outside organisation.

We may share any relevant information with SRSB to ensure accuracy of our data checks where our listeners are also clients of SRSB.

The Trustees of STN may disclose information if STN is legally obliged to do so. For example: to the police or a government body.


STN will ensure that all information we hold about you is accurate, and kept fully up to date. If any information is inaccurate and we are so advised, or we become aware we will amend and update accordingly.


8.1 Individual data rights

An individual has the right to:

  • be informed

  • of access

  • to rectification

  • erasure

  • to restrict processing

  • to data portability

  • to object

  • not to be subject to automated decision-making including profiling

If you wish to find out more about your rights, or obtain a copy of the information we hold about you please contact us on 0114 2780 440

Privacy Information Request

Sheffield Talking News

5 Mappin Street

Sheffield S1 4DT

Telephone: 0114 278 0440 during office hours Monday and Tuesday only. An answer phone operates when the office is closed.


8.2 Complaints

Complaints may be made to the Trustees of STN at the above address in the first instance.

It is an individual’s right, if unhappy with any action or response made by STN, to approach the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)

Or call 0303 123 1113. ICO normal opening hours are Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm.


STN will regularly review and update this General Data Protection Regulation Statement and Policy.

Any changes to this policy will be notified to listeners via an audio notice on USB memory sticks on weekly recordings and an audio announcement available on the STN website, and telephone service.

Volunteers will be notified via email, post or telephone.

Version 2 BC / MC 18/05/2018