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Sheffield Talking News and Coronavirus (COVID-19) 

Sadly, government restrictions that apply to our volunteers mean that for the coming weeks it will not possible for Sheffield Talking News to continue producing and dispatching memory sticks to our listeners. We are very sorry about this but we must pay due regard to the safety and health of our volunteers. As soon as the coronavirus restrictions are lifted we will return to normal service as quickly as possible.

During the restrictions we intend to keep recording the weekly news using readers based at home, and these recordings – along with our ‘Talk About’ magazine and ‘Out and About in Sheffield’ items – will be available on our telephone service and through various online sources. We hope as many of our listeners as possible will stay in touch by moving to one or more of these options.

Telephone Service: Ring 0114 383 0345 and select from a series of spoken menu items to go to the things you want to listen to. It’s a local service so you only pay local ‘phone rates. Many tariffs offer periods when local calls are free, for instance in the evenings or at weekends, so if that applies it’s a good idea to listen then. These periods typically last for one hour so the service is designed to cut-off just before one hour is reached. You can then re-dial the number for a further free hour and the system should pick up playing from where you left off.

Online Sources: You can listen in your web browser by following these links to the Weekly News, Talk About Magazine or Out and About articles. Or there is an app for smartphones called ‘Talking Newspaper’ that is easily downloadable and is free. As well as Sheffield Talking News the app will allow you to listen to other talking newspapers around the country. We are also available on Amazon’s Alexa. If you have an Echo device all you need say is, “Alexa, enable My Talking Newspaper” and take it from there. Here are details about using the ‘My Talking Newspaper’ skill on Alexa.

If you’re stuck and need help with listening to Sheffield Talking News by any of these means please ring 0114 278 0440 and leave a message with a telephone number and/or an e-mail address. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Sheffield Talking News thanks all its listeners for their forbearance over this period and we hope everyone stays safe and well.

Making the News

The Sheffield Star recently included an article about our need for volunteers

Volunteer Bulletin

You can now read the Christmas 2019 Volunteer Bulletin.

30th Anniversary

Number 30
Last year, 2018, was a significant one for SHEFFIELD TALKING NEWS as it was 30 years since we started back in 1988. There were existing Talking Newspapers in Rotherham, Barnsley, Chesterfield and Doncaster but none in Sheffield.The broadcaster Bill Crozier (best known for presenting ‘Two Way Family Favourites’ with Jean Metcalf) along with a visually impaired friend and Solicitor, Roy Chester, called a meeting with the help of the Volunteer Bureau (now VAS Voluntary Action Sheffield) to look at ways of setting one up in the city. Our Chairman (Mary Callaghan) was there from the start and recalls the nervous first trial run produced at the former SRSB building in Mappin Street. Read more history here.
What a long way we have come in 30 years! From cassette tapes, through CD’s and now Memory Sticks and even on computer, phone or Alexa!

Collage of party photos
We celebrated in style with an Anniversary meal at Tapton hall, enjoyed by more than 40 people. The weather was appalling but the excellent atmosphere and ethos of the evening more than made up for this. The Deputy Lord Mayor, Councillor Tony Downing, gave a toast in place of the Lord Mayor and Gerry Kersey from BBC Radio Sheffield spoke about ‘Talking and Listening’.

Deborah B. made a wonderful cake, the photos by Chris Seaman were very well received. Thanks are due to Val N and Bev C for the excellent organisation of the event. View some photos.

Making News

Last year  volunteers Mary Callaghan and Su Milchard were heard on Rony Robinson’s afternoon show ‘Baring All’ to help publicise STN. You can listen to these interviews on the following links. When the new browser window opens, click on the play button. The recordings last about 20 minutes each.