Sheffield Talking News and Coronavirus (COVID-19) 

Image of a microphone in front of a computer screen with a waveform on itWe are pleased to say that production and distribution of memory sticks has restarted, though we are still recording from homes, rather than our studio. Please click here for details.


Welcome to the home of Sheffield Talking News.
Our mission is to provide a weekly overview of local news content to blind and visually impaired people in the city. We currently have over 400 clients registered to use our free service, and each week our editors choose an interesting balance of news and feature stories, which are read aloud by our team of volunteers. 

We are always on the lookout for better and faster ways to bring the news to your door - our clients can listen online, on a local telephone call, via our free postal memory stick service, podcast, smartphone app or even via Amazon's Alexa.

Whether a listener, a volunteer, a donor or someone who wants a recording made, please explore the site to see what we have to offer.

What's Happening?Echo Dot

We are currently looking for listeners to try out Amazon Echo Dot devices on a free trial basis.

Read the latest news about our organisation and volunteers.