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A number of public organisations regularly ask us to transcribe bulletins, newsletters, questionnaires, magazines and consultation papers, which we can supply on memory stick or CD on a one-off or regular basis, for a modest charge. Most audio formats are available. We have been asked to record poetry for families and self-help groups, and recipes and guidance on the use of modern cooking aids.

We charge £50 for each hour of studio time and £10 for each hour of a volunteer's time. CDs can be blank for handwritten labelling or we can print and affix labels at an additional charge depending on volume. Normally we supply CDs in paper slip cases, though for large quantities we can supply CDs on a spindle. We can duplicate memory sticks for you too.

You may supply your own reader if you need a recording in a foreign language or a particular voice.

Recordings Contact

To find out more please email STN_One_Offs@sheffieldtalkingnews.org.uk.